fersk (adj.) - Norwegian for fresh; experienced, made or received anew


It’s hard to beat fresh. There’s nothing like getting a fresh start, dreaming up a fresh new idea, taking in a breath of fresh air, or receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Here’s why fresh matters to me:

  1. While you plan a wedding you prepare for a fresh season in life, a new adventure. Helping couples celebrate the beauty and promise of marriage is what I love.

  2. As we blend your ideas and vision with my artistic style and expertise, we create designs that are fresh and original, crafted just for you. I desire to capture the unique spirit of each couple through flowers.

  3. Flowers are part of our most special days - days that fly by, but are filled with memories that last a lifetime. I’ve found that the fleeting nature of fresh flowers is the perfect reminder to enjoy the ‘here and now’ on those days.


Hey there! My name is Mikelle (think Michelle but with a “k”). I am a big fan of Culver’s, cribbage, exploring new places, and anything cozy and warm.

I started Fersk Floral Artistry in October of 2017 as a way to combine my desire for a creative life and my love of floral design. Fersk operates out of the home I share with my husband Gabe and our two cats in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Working with flowers ultimately means working with people, and that’s why I love it.

I am inspired by the simple, natural style of Scandinavian design and influenced by the strong and stubborn work ethic of my relatives. The name Fersk connects who I am to how I design.

Enough about me! I would love to meet you - I’m always ready to chat flowers!